About Us

About Us

Main 20+ Saudi professionals with a combined work experience of 350+ years all of which were spent in the Oil & Gas industry. These highly professional Saudis got together and decided to fill the void in the future potential of the Oil & Gas industry and renewable energy and created four different Simultaneous Operations Consultancy Services Companies each specializing in a distinctive area in the oil & gas industry with added value propositions to clients and the industry at large.

  • SIMOPS Engineering Consultancy Services,
  • SIMOPS Petroleum and Well Services,
  • SIMOPS Renewable and Green Energy Consultancy Services,
  • SIMOPS Management Consultancy Services, and Training.


SIMOPS group of companies brings innovation, critical thinking, and state-of-the-art solutions to resolve engineering and technical problems, new trends and innovations in oil well services, renewable energy, green energy, carbon capturing and CO2 emission and provide innovative and tactical solutions to problem-solving in the organizations while at the same time provide professional and management training to all staff at all levels helping organizations achieve their short-term and long-term goals and objectives.

SIMOPS existed to help its clients to succeed and most important to be more profitable and seize a bigger share of their market.

To be a cornerstone of consultancy services fully managed and operated by experienced Saudi professionals.

To serve and help clients to achieve technical and operational excellence and sustain growth and advancements in their field of business.

Let Simops Turn Your Problem
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