Our Team

Abdulwahed Alotaibi

30yrs. Experience Engineering & Project Management

Sami Alnaghmoush

35yrs. Experience Project Management

Neda Alotaibi

25yrs. Experience Project Management

Mohammed Alnefai

30yrs. Experience Computer Science Engineering, System Analyst

Salem Batarfi

40yrs. Experience Project Management

Saud Alahmadi

40yrs. Experience Offshore Operations

Nasir Alajmi

33yrs. Experience Human Resource Management & Training Development (HRM&TD)

Dr. Yahya Yousef

30yrs. Experience Engineering & Project Management

DR. Zakher Salem

25yrs. Experience Water & Environment PhD in Biotechnology

Mazen Salah

35yrs. Experience in Project Management in the arabian gulf countries

Ali Bakuoban

Chemical Engineer (Consultant) 27 years, Experience in Non-Metallic (Piping & Materials)

Taiba Alnaghmoush

Business Administration

Osama Alnaghmoush


Abdualrahman Alghasheri

Admin Assistance

Abdalwahid Alotaibi

Assistant Engineer

Mohammed Alawad


Abdulmajeed Seter Aljuaid

Communication and Technology Engineer

Saud Alotaibi

Human Resource

Angelica Perez

Business Development Facilitator



Company’s Offices and Affiliates

  • Al-Khobar 34447-3006, Saudi Arabia
  • Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
  • Global Consulting & Technical Professionals GCTP
  • Aeron System P Ltd
  • AMRO
  • BLOM Maritime
  • Paradigm dh
  • FQE Chemical










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