Petroleum Services

Petroleum Services

SIMOPS Petroleum Services is a new limited liabilities company, recently established in Saudi Arabia, in 2021 to support oil and gas companies and contractors.

OUR PURPOSE: We help our clients to achieve consistent success.


SIMOPS Petroleum Services offers continuous high integrity and safe services required for the offshore and onshore field development and process facilities. SIMOPS team will assess multiple activities sequentially safely and will initiate the required response framework, evacuation, emergency response plans, safeguard measures, and other modifications to satisfy continuous operations.
SIMOPS will support completing seamless simultaneous complex operations and construction activities while satisfying acceptable standards for health, safety, and the environment.


SIMOPS provides technical support, drilling resources, production chemicals and supplies, equipment, and operators to our customers on every level. We will provide excellence, and functionality and sustain the required product’ specs with quality to achieve customer satisfaction.


SIMOPS provides safe solutions and procedures for performing simultaneous operations on pressurized systems before modification, project tie-ins, and maintenance repairs for onshore and offshore facilities.


We support designing, constructing, and providing Project Management services for new plants, and revamps of various manufacturers in the oil/gas, petrochemical, and power plants. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the design and engineering of each unit result in an improved product yield and quality. Project construction within live facilities is scheduled to minimize plant shutdowns and loss of operations.




  • Quality, safe, and environmental solutions
  • Simultaneous operations
  • Project tie-ins and maintenance repairs for onshore and offshore facilities
  • Project construction in “live facilities”
  • Onshore and offshore services
  • Rig operations
  • Supervising the mudlogging
  • Sample material
  • Wellsite geologist’s routines
  • Wireline logging supervision


Drilling Fluid Engineering

  • Mud circulation loop
  • Drilling fluid viscosity control
  • Hydraulic friction
  • Removal and transport of cuttings
  • Mechanical and chemical stability
  • Countermeasure to hole-problems
  • Risk and control assessment
  • Operational and strategic risks
  • SIMOPS assessments
  • Site preparation and TCF development
  • Enclosed flaring and noise control measures
  • RTR, GRP & HDPE piping installation & repairs
  • High-pressure cleaning by hydro-jetting and decontamination of facilities and drilling piping
  • Demolishing and restoration work
  • Mud-engineering services
  • Specialty chemicals supply
  • Mothballing and de-mothballing activities
  • Site Integrity reviews
  • Project management supports
  • System design and technology selection by SME
  • Hydraulic and stress analysis
  • Field Assistance Services, demonstration of a non-metallic application
  • Re-habitation of existing metallic piping using non-metallic i.e., HDPE
  • Procurement Coordination

SIMOPS Petroleum Services provides support for the safe and successful pre-commissioning/ commissioning and startup of new facilities. We provide the required consultancy and startup resources for accelerating safe startups. We perform design reviews for ready-to-startup, cold/hot startup requirements, sequence & checklist, loops checking, and startup troubleshooting to accelerate startup and achieve the required spec and steady operations.


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