Be the first to obtainan international certificate specialized in Smart City Management, accredited by European Union Countries and Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC).

Empowering Saudis for a Sustainable Future

is a strategic partnerin achieving the

Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Together to build smart cities for a bright future

We strive, in SIMOPS through training and education, to enhance the culture of creativity, cooperation, and excellence among people involved in smart cities, and to contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 through strategic partnerships with the most prestigious specialized universities ranked globally in the field of developing smart city skills and solutions.


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Get a Recognized Certificate

Issued by The University of Applied management studies, provided by German Sustainability Academy, recognized by Erasmus+, and transferable everywhere in the European Union.

Work together to empower Saudis for a sustainable future

The First Academy for Smart Cities in Saudi Arabia

SIMOPS offers a range of courses and programs for students, professionals, and organizations who want to learn about the latest trends and technologies in smart city development

Exclusive Real-world Case Studies from Germany

SIMOPS features case studies from German companies with a successful track record. These case studies provide valuable insights for the smart city stakeholders in Saudi Arabia.

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Offers a range of specialized courses & programs for students, professionals and organizations who want to learn about the latest trends and technologies in smart city development.

Salem Batterf
Salem Batterf
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Smart city training programs are educational content that helps people understand the benefits and possibilities of smart city living
Geny Abreu
Geny Abreu
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Smart city training will improve sustainability, increase efficiency, cost savings, enhance quality of life, and better urban planning . Such training will definitely have a positive impact on people and the environment
Dr. Zakher Salem
Dr. Zakher Salem
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These programs provide quality education and training for executives, leaders, and professionals to drive progress and innovation forward in the field of sustainability and smart cities.

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We work together for smart citiies in a bright future…

A strategic partner in achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030

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