Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Simultaneous Operations Company for Renewable Energy is the official Dealer of the most advanced soil moisture monitoring system (Soil Scout) in KSA.

System is applied at 200 football stadiums in the world and has a big application in the agriculture. Getting the moisture percentage of the soil at the root zone of the plants in real-time system 24/7/365 enables all involved stakeholders to save irrigation water, power, fertilizers and enhance sustainable environment principles. 

SIMOPS helps our customers to achieve and sustain their target of green energy to comply with the Saudi Green Initiative and Vision 2030.

  • Green Energy Master Plan Development
  • Green Energy Modelling
  • Green Energy Location Geotechnical and Environmental Factoring and Selection
  • Green Energy Logistics
  • Green Energy Commercialization
  • Best Practices GEM Multiple Projects
  • Solar and Waste Energy Recovery

SIMOPS Consultancy Companies, in a short time, has succeeded to build strategic business relationships with global, regional, and local key players in environmental monitoring, natural capital preservation, sustainability, design, modeling, project management, technical support & training. Our permanent team members include Ph.D. & Master’s degree holders in different specialties such as Environmental Biotechnology, Agriculture, Ecology, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, IT & Chemical Engineering.

SIMOPS group is truly committed to natural capital preservation and environmental protection. We would like to point out that we have prepared very actual & rational initiatives to contribute to the execution of the NEOM project. Our initiatives include mainly PMO, Technical Support, and Natural Capital Preservation with a special focus on smart environmental monitoring systems for marine & terrestrial ecology. This includes the establishment of an Environment Control Center which will have a strong arm of air quality, seawater quality and level, weather stations, groundwater, soil, biodiversity, and indigenous habitat monitoring. Smart sensors will be supplied by our business partners with the most modern and high-tech devices.

All environmental parameters will be measured, and real-time data will be transferred via the internet and special satellites to base stations with related servers and clouds. Real=time environmental data will be sent to the control center, cell phone applications, operation teams, and management laptops. Alert systems as well as an accumulated database will be developed. Then, environmental modeling will be done within the center. Different scenarios will be modeled and regularly updated according to the received data in real-time.

Designing a Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring system will be completed by SIMOPS Consultancy Experts along with our International Affiliates. Supply of smart environment monitoring devices will be done under our supervision and commitment by some of the world-class manufacturers. Arrangement of expertise and specialist and other team members along with all required computers, software, and tools will be our obligation. It is very actual to have an advanced laboratory within Environment Control Center. Identified areas at Trojena,

The Line, Oxagon, and many other valleys, coastal zones, and inner locations will be served with live cameras for environmental monitoring also. Continuous observations and data analysis will enable a team of specialists to determine polluted or potential areas for pollution due to construction or later operation footprints. Anticipating actions will be recommended and sent immediately to related officials at NEOM for action. SIMOPS can lead campaigns for subcontractors and service providers and more stakeholders’ awareness as well as the environmental preservation prequalification process.

It is acknowledgeable that SIMOPS’s strength in both; her team and affiliates those aims to have the honor of being a part of NEOM. We have prepared our work plans and methodologies to gain NEOM’s trust and participate in the execution of ongoing and planned activities. Preservation of exciting unique ecosystems at NEOM is one of its main objectives and our goal simultaneously.

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